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Refund Policy

The KCFSC does NOT offer refunds except for valid medical reasons. All requests for refunds must be in writing, addressed to the Board of Directors, and must be accompanied by an official and detailed doctor's certificate, before any consideration is given. Refunds, if granted, will be pro-rated, and a $10.00 Administration fee will be deducted. The Club is not responsible for refunding registration fees or making-up for sessions missed. The Club is NOT obligated to refund registration fees for unforeseen ice closures due to special events/circumstances, or equipment/mechanical breakdown beyond our control. The Club will make every effort to make up for cancelled sessions.

Sessions subject to change depending on registration and at the discretion of the Board of Directors.

Incomplete applications, or those not accompanied by full payment, WILL NOT BE PROCESSED, and will result in loss of priority. Please print clearly. Group sessions are non-transferable.

Killarney Skating Club
Killarney Community Centre - Ice Rink
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