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2017 Christmas Exhibition Thank You

Hello Coaches, Skaters, Volunteers, Parents and Friends
Killarney Skating Club held another successful and exciting Christmas Exhibition under the directions of Josh McRae this year.
We could not have done this without the countless hours of hard work from the coaches and skaters.
All our volunteers stepped up to make this year's Christmas Show such an enjoyable event.
The skater's parents are the most important—driving them to the ice rink early morning, afterschool or late in the evening to practice their skills and routines each week.
Thank you coaches:
Sarah, Alexis, Peter, Josh, Isabella, Carina and Deneen
Thank you skaters:
Aidan, Aimee, Alex, Alicia C, Alicia N, Anna, Arabella, Audrey, Brieana, Charlotte, Chelsea,  Emma, Emily, Erika, Ethan, Eva, Harmon, Helen, Jack, Jaden, Jeniffer, Jenna, Jessica, Jocelyn, Kaley, Kassia, Katherine, Kathy, Kaylee, Kianna, Kristienne, Lia, London, Maia, Megan, Nathan, Nawel, Noah, Marleau, Meyah, Millie, Rachel, Rachelle, Raina, Samantha, Serena, Skyla, Skylee, Sophie D, Sophie L, Summer, Talia, Vania and all our CanSkaters
Thank you guest skaters:
Kiera Kam & Mathew Carter
Nina Mizuki & Veniamin Volskis
Thank you volunteers:
Joanne L, Heather L (Sophie L), Helsa N, Vivienne S (Kristienne), Melinda F (Rachelle), Mike W (Jenna), Anghel M (Jocelyn), Kris H (Skylee), Allan (Alexis),  Vivo (Sarah), Gordon K (Jaden), Pete T (Alex), Gordon Q (Harmon),
Hollie Q (Brieana), Alex L (Erika), Jessica C (Summer), Hadas G (Lia), Corinne T (Audrey), Laura P (Jenna), Min K (Charlotte), Renee L, Netty W (Kaylee & Samantha), Kiki S, Ali B (Nawel), Stu (Deneen), Tracy B (Skylee), Stephanine L (Emma), Jannie K (Charlotte), Mary T (Emily), Christine M (Jocelyn), Katherine M (Vania), Xim V (Sophie D), Julia W (Jeniffer), Chris M (Audrey), Audra T (Aimee)
Killarney Centre Figure Skating Club would like to wish you and your family a safe Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!! We hope to see you all in the New Year.


Online registration is open for the Winter Sessions
The 2017 Christmas Exhibition Video will be posted soon…keep checking our webpage!!!
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