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  • Buy On for Non-Home Club Skaters

    1. Confirm with our Comp/Star Coordinator - Sarah Metcalfe at

    Does not work with IE Browser!! 

    2. Login to Coast Registry Buyon
        2a. Goto (or directly with this link)
        2b. Scroll to bottom Quick Links

    3. Choose Fixed Buyon Amount
        3a. Pick price ($15 per 60 min)
        3b. Pick date
        3c. Pick time
        3d. Enter skater full name and club under Details/Comments (Do Not use special charactors & For
    Temp Username Only)
        3e. Click next

    4. Login
        4a. Use your own Username profile
        4b. Use our Temp‎ Username profile
    ‎        4b1. Username: Buyon
            4b2. Password: Buyon1234!

    5.‎ Select the skater
        5a. Pick Non Home Club User
        5b. Click Finish 

    6. Click Buy Now
        6a. Will automatically take you to PayPal to complete.

    7. Your PayPal payment will be your reciept.
        7a. Registrar may send a confirmation reciept.

    8. Payment MUST be made before stepping on the ice!!