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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Competitive STARSkate

    Can I register for off-ice classes if I am a non homeclub member?

    Classes are for homeclub STARSkate/Competitive skaters between the ages of 5-20 or with board approval.

    How does my child register in the figure skating program?

    The first thing to do is learn to skate - the CanSkate program prepares skaters for all types of ice sports. If your child shows an interest in continuing in figure skating, talk to a club coach. Every child must be assessed before entering the figure skating stream of our club. If you are already a member of our club the best way to stay informed of your child's readiness is to speak to your coach. If you are interested in joining our club from another club or program please email for assessment dates and availability.

    What is proper figure skating attire?

    The more experienced skater should wear a skating dress or skirt with warm tights, bodysuit or warm-up pants. The male skaters should wear straight-legged stretch pants and sweater. This enables the coach to see proper body positions. Gloves should be worn for practices and warm ups. Long hair needs to be tied back.

    Can I be a guest or CanSkate Coach during Killarney ice times?

    Killarney Skating Club has an open policy that allows coaches to instruct their students on our ice according to the following guidelines.

    • Adherence to Coach Code of Ethics. No access to skaters, parents, and coaches at or of Killarney FSC for recruitment. This will result in withdrawal of privileges and notification to Skate Canada of Code of Ethics breach.
    • Maintenance of current Skate Canada Coach Certification and Current First Aid Certificate which must be presented to the KCFSC Board of Directors or the KCFSC home club coaches
    • At least 24 hours notice as to the intent to coach is appreciated by email
    What is your buyon rate and policy?


    • Homeclub $10.00 per 3/4–1 hr
    • Non-homeclub $12.00 per 3/4–1 hr
    • All skaters must call 604-430-2330 or email 24 hours prior to session to confirm availability. Full sessions will not accept any buy-ons.


    Here is the link:

    Info for Home Club -

    info for Non Home Club -