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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    General Questions

    My child does not want to skate any more. What is your refund policy?

    KCFSC does not offer refunds after the start of the 1st day of programs except for the following reasons:

    • Medical reasons. A doctor's note is required.
    • In exceptional circumstances and at the discretion of the Board, The KCFSC will consider written requests for refund.
    How do I get a tax receipt?

    Your receipt from your registration online is what you can use for tax purposes. You can get that receipt by opening the email from Coast Registry confirming your payment. It will have a link to your receipt. Check your junk folder.

    Skate Canada Membership Number? How do I get it?

    When you first registered with our club, you would have been assigned a Skate Canada membership number. to obtain your Skate Canada number you can e

    mail info@killarneyskatingclub. Once you have your membership number you can go the Skate Canada Website and follow the instructions below to print out your membership card.

    • Go to the Members Only Site
    • Enter your Skate Canada Number and password as instructed
    • On the next screen, scroll down to the bottom and click on CONTINUE



    Can I register after the sessions have started?

    Yes, you can register after the sessions have started provided the session you would like is not full. We will prorate from the first day you begin your lessons and under the following guidelines:

    • CanSkate - prorating stops 4 weeks prior to session finishing.
    • STARSkate - prorating stops 4 weeks prior to session finishing. Buy on rates are applicable after this time.


    Why do we have to pay a Skate Canada Membership?

    Skate Canada Membership fee is paid once a year (September - August). Your fee includes a mandatory insurance premium, which is submitted on your behalf to an Insurance Plan, as outlined by Skate Canada. All skaters must pay the required national SC fee $44 per year. The national membership offers you many benefits, and guarantees you ongoing quality assurance and adherence to high standards in Skate Canada Programs offered at this member club.

    • An accident insurance benefit at a substantially lower cost to the members than that available in other sports
    • Access to high quality programs that are recognized and often sought after internationally and by other national sport organizations.
    • Access to qualified, NCCP certified Skate Canada professional coaches who have been trained through high quality training programs developed by Skate Canada.
    • National registry of figure skating qualifications (tests) and results (for qualifying events) held in a central computerized system for easy access.
    • Test certificates and Award of Merits for tests passed.
    How do I register my child for private lessons?

    For our CanSkate Program, we do not offer private lessons. CanSkaters wishing to progress faster are recommended to take more CanSkate classes per week.

    Skaters must have passed Level 4 in CanSkate or equivalent skating skills and/or  the approval of the Comp/STAR Coordinator.