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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Online Registration

    What if I make a mistake?

    Everyone makes mistakes, so no big deal. If the mistake was made before the payment phase, just start over. CoastRegistry will figure out about "orphaned" or in-complete registrations and will eventually dispose of them.

    My computer is too old and won't run CoastRegistry. What can I do?

    CoastRegistry uses fairly modern software technology; it wouldn't be able to do what it does otherwise. So you'll have to find a computer that can run the CoastRegistry. Try a friend, or the library, or a school, or your club Registrar - most of those facilities/people will have more up to date computers. If your computer is really old, you might want to see about upgrading it.

    CoastRegistry Screens are too big for my monitor. I cannot see all of the information or buttons?

    This has been difficult to keep track of because everyone has a different computer with different screen resolution. CoastRegistry is best viewed on a monitor with a minimum of 1280x1024 resolution. Some newer Notebook computers have a Display with 1380 x 768 resolution; often this does not have enough vertical space to view the whole CoastRegistry screen. In this case the user might find relief by clicking the F-11 function key at the top of the keyboard. This will put the browser in full screen mode and will give quite a bit of vertical space back. This is verified to work well with 1360x768 notebook computers. Note it is very difficult to support Netbook computers running at 1024x600. You may need to use "fit to screen" mode setting which can result in blurry screens.

    Important Information Regarding Online Registration

    A Note Regarding An Important Online Registration Issue

    Please remember your User Name and Password the first time you create your online registration account.

    The skating year runs from September 1st to August 31st. The first time you register for one of our programs, you will pay the yearly Skate Canada membership fee.  All skaters participating in CanSkate, Hockey Development, JEA or Figure Skating must be current Skate Canada members.

    If you forget your password, please do one of the following:

    1. For internet explorer: “forgot password” will be on the front page

    2. For other web browsers, “forgot password” will appear once you select your sessions and check-out.  

    Click “forgot password” and your password will be sent to the email on your account.  

    If you forget your user name, please email the club and you will get an email with your user name information.  The Registrar’s email is

    Each time you create a new account, you will be charged the Skate Canada fee again.  The volunteer Registrar has spent hours fixing errors/refunding fees for skaters with multiple accounts.  Therefore, if you create a new account instead of using your original one, and are charged the Skate Canada fee, you will not be refunded.

    We are happy to assist you retrieving you account information so that you can use your existing account.