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    November 22, 2021

    2021 BC Coast Regional STAR 5 to GOLD Competition in Burnaby, BC Results - Congratulations to our skaters!!!

    Kristienne Soo STAR 5 Girls 13 & Over GP1 - 1st Place

    Kathy Ling STAR 5 Girls 13 & Over GP2 - 5th Place

    Rachel Lok STAR 5 Girls U13 GP2 - 1st Place
    Emma Tung STAR 5 Girls U13 GP2 - 2nd Place

    Eva Le STAR 6 Women GP1 - 8th Place

    Millie Hong STAR 6 Women GP2 - 1st Place
    Serena Lu STAR 6 Women GP2 - 2nd Place
    Raina Leghari STAR 6 Women GP2 - 6th Place

    Summer Cannell STAR 8 Women -1st Place

    Jocelyn Moy STAR 9 Women (Short Program) - 2nd Place
    Emily Kwan STAR 9 Women (Short Program) - 4th Place
    Summer Cannell STAR 9 Women (Short Program) - 8th Place
    Lia Gardner STAR 9 Women (Short Program) - 10th Place

    Jocelyn Moy STAR 10 Women - 2nd Place

    November 16, 2021

    2022 Belairdirect Skate Canada BC/YK Sectionals Super Series in Parkville, BC Results - Congratulations to our skaters!!!

    Charlotte Kong - Juvenile U12 - 3rd Place

    Serena Lu - Juvenile U15 - 6th Place

    Lia Gardner - Juvenile U15 - 7th Place

    Millie Hong - Juvenile U15 - 32nd Place

    Alicia Ng - Novice - 12th Place

    August 16, 2021

    2021 Summer Skate Results - Congratulations to our skaters!

    Charlotte Kong - Juvenile U12 - 2nd Place

    Serena Lu - Juvenile U15 - 6th Place

    Millie Hong - Juvenele U15 - 7th Place

    Audrey Thiriar-Moore - Pre Novice - 5th Place

    August 15, 2021

    July's Skater of the Month is Ella!

    Congratualtions Ella!

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    August 10, 2021

    Congratulations to Jaden Kwan from our KCFSC CanSkate/CanPower Program.

    He was accepted to play for the BC Hockey Major Bantam U15AAA Vancouver North West Hawks Zone Team for the 2021-2022 season as a defenceman.

    Gordon Kwan -  “We are so proud of his hard work, dedication and determination. Also a big thank you to all the coaches at KCFSC”

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    June 9, 2021

    May's skater of the month is Katherine! 

    Congratulations Katherine!

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    May 22, 2021 

    2021 Belairdirect BC/YK Section Victoria Day Virtual Event Competition Results (May 20- 23, 2021)

    Juvenile Women (U12 Gp 1)

    Millie Hong - 8th 

    Juvenile Women (U12 Gp 2)

    Charlotte Kong - 2nd

    May 18, 2021

    2021 BC Coast Regional Event Virtual Competition Results (May 12-16,  2021)

    Star 2

    Sena Yip - Gold

    lisha Chan - Silver

    Hayley Lin - Bronze

    Katherine Le - Bronze

    Star 3

    Anna Collins - Gold

    Sophie Dong - Gold

    Hafsa Akiyama - Gold

    Star 4 - U10

    Samantha Yun - 4th

    Star 4 - U13

    London Le - 2nd

    Star 5 - U13

    Eva Le - 2nd

    Emma Tung - 3rd

    Kristienne Soo - 3rd

    Rachel Lok - 11th

    Star 5 - 13 & Over

    Raina Leghari - 2nd

    Kathy Ling - 4th

    Star 6

    Lia Gardner - 1st

    Star 7

    Lia Gardner - 1st

    Emily Kwan - 2nd

    Summer Cannell - 4th

    Star 8

    Emily Kwan - 1st

    Summer Cannell - 8th

    Star 9

    Jocelyn Moy - 4th

    Star 10 

    Jocelyn Moy - 1st

    April 30, 2021

    April's skater of the month is Hayley! 

    Congratulations Hayley!

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    March 31, 2021

    March's skater of the month is Lia! 

    Congratulations Lia!

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    February 28, 2021

    February's skater of the month is Emma! 

    Great job Emma!

    February Skater of the Month
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    January 31, 2021

    January's skater of the month is Raina! 

    Raina has been working really hard on developing consistency in her training and it's been showing. Great work Raina!

    January Skater of the Month
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    Archived Latest News Results

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    Super Series STARSkate Final Results

    KCFSC | March 8, 2017

    A small group of skaters braved the winter weather to go to Kelowna March 3-6 for the STARSkate Final Event with Alexis and Michelle.  This annual Kelowna event is the final competition in the skating calendar for skaters who are following the STARSkate path. This is also the event where provincial trophies are given out.  Skaters' top 3 competitive results are added together in order to find out who has the highest scores. This year, two Killarney skaters won provincial trophies!


    Congratulations to Jayha Koonar, 3rd place in provincial standings, Star 6 

    (pictured above with Emily Kwan, Jenna Wadden, coaches Michelle Moscone and Alexis Wik)

    And, congratulations to Alicia Ng, 3rd place in provincial standings, Pre-Juvenile U11   

    All skaters have worked hard all year and had great competitions.  

    Here are the other results:

    Star 5 U13 - Emily Kwan 9th and Jennifer Xu 13th out of 34 skaters

    Star 6 - Jayha Koonar 6th, and Jenna Wadden 17th out of 31 skaters

    Star 9 - Skyla MacDonald 10th out of 21 skater

    Pre-Juvenile U11 - Alicia Ng 3rd and Jessica Chu 7th out of 12 skaters

    Juvenile - Skyla MacDonald 4th out of 15 skaters


    Thank you to our coaches, parents and families for supporting Killarney skaters to pursue their personal hopes and dreams.

    The Victoria Day Competition in May will begin the next competitive season.  See many of you there. 


    Laura Pasut

    Acting President